search engine optimisation, otherwise known as seo, is often over-looked & mis-understood.
effective seo acts like a platform for your website, helping your site stand head and shoulders above competitors in search engine results such as google.
our aim is to get your website ranked as high as possible for chosen keywords as well as be found within different content results (images, maps, videos, blogs etc). This ranking will provide vital exposure to potential visitors/clients. we are very thorough with our research & analysis and ensure we have an in-depth knowledge of your service & target market....we rather enjoy being sherlock holmes for the day...
let us not forget that 'search' is the #1 activity performed on smart phones..."just google it..."


Competitive Analysisanalysis & report of competitors seo

Keyword Research/analysisin-depth research & analysis of keywords

Detailed SEO Reportjargon-free report on all stages of analysis

On-site Optimisationclean, optimised html code and content

Image Optimisationkeyword-rich titles/tags on uploaded images

Local Search Optimisationensure your site is found in local searches

Want to make sure your site is easily found within search engines?

SEO plays a major role in the language of the WORLD WIDE Web as a noun, verb & adjective.

- TOdd mailcoa